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About Us

AltForé is an alternative way forward, both in how we treat ourselves and treat the world around us to enjoy cosmetics. Our vision from the very beginning was to sell products that make women look stunning and feel good about how they go about doing it. That is why AltForé refuses to use dead animal by-products and insect extracts, which are known to contain harmful substances. We disclose the full list of ingredients in our products to prove that we want a safer product.

The bottom line is that we want cosmetics that are safe to use, but we don’t want to damage our home to obtain and use them, which is why we do not test our products on animals! We are a Gluten-Free product and because of this, our manufacturing facility does not work with this ingredient, so there is no fear of cross-contamination. AltForé will never stop striving to be a World-Friendly product that makes you and the world we share, a beautiful sight to behold.