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What Your Lipstick Color Says About You

Everyone has a unique and vibrant personality that they express in a variety of ways. For some, they speak through their choice of clothes; for others, it’s with their makeup. Today, we are going to dive into six different shades of lipstick and what those colors say about your personality.

For a variety of lipstick color options made with a decadent formula, choose a natural cosmetic brand like Altforé.


Don’t let this one fool you — a neutral-colored lipstick doesn’t mean a personality that blends into the background. On the contrary, people who love a beige lip tend to have a personality that’s stronger than any color they could swipe across their lips.

The wearers of a neutral lip are confident, self-aware, and are proud to be themselves. They like to highlight their natural beauty with just a touch of color. Play up your pout with Up You Beige.


Classic and timeless, red lipstick is the go-to for any lady looking to add a little power to her pout. Whether they rock a dress every day or prefer ripped jeans and leather, the one who wears red lipstick likes to add a little femininity to her look.

To achieve this sophisticated look, try Ripe Lovely. It’s a slightly cooler red with a semi-gloss finish to keep you looking fabulous.


For the enigmatic nature in all of us, a dark lipstick adds just the right amount of sultry mystery. Where have you been, and what have you been up to? You’ll never kiss and tell.

A dark lipstick makes a statement without giving away its secrets, making it perfect for anyone who loves a little debauchery. If this is you, try Plum Ruse.


Lovers of pink, we know you’re not all sugary-sweet. We’re not saying your nice side is an act either. On the contrary, lovers of pink lipstick are an equal balance of sugar and spice.

You’re kind and generous, but we wouldn’t dare double-cross you. Keep your sweet streak on fleek with Glimmer Lush.


A fiery personality can only be matched by a hot-colored lipstick to let people know what you’re all about. Orange lipstick sounds like a bold move, and that’s because it is.

You aren’t afraid to take risks or get a little feisty to get things done, which is why Roarange is the perfect lipstick color for you.


Fun-loving and carefree, the girl rocking a neon-pink pout is always the life of the party. You’re loud, vivacious, and proud, so why not wear lipstick that sends the same message?

From your full-bodied hair to your sparkly toes, there’s nothing about you that isn’t striking and bright. If you’re looking for your next lipstick to play dress up with, 50s Ride is the shade for you.

With all these different attitudes, remember that it doesn’t take a specific type of person to take care of themselves or the environment. As a natural cosmetic brand, Altforé understands this, which is why we offer makeup that’s as natural as possible in a variety of shades.

Don’t let big names fool you — natural cosmetic brands like ours offer just as much for all types of beauty lovers. Shop our lipsticks now to find your new favorite color.