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Tips to Help Perfectly Apply Your Lip Gloss or Lipstick

When it comes to any makeup look, nothing ties it together quite like a good lip gloss or lipstick. It can be difficult to apply these products and have them look as flawless as you want, though.

For that reason, Altfore has compiled a step-by-step guide for applying both lip gloss and lipstick that will help you achieve the perfect pout.

If you’re looking for a natural cosmetic brand that’s cruelty-free, vegan, gluten-free, and only includes the most natural ingredients possible, choose Altfore for all of the best lip gloss and lipstick colors for your fiercest makeup looks.

Lip Gloss

Lip gloss may seem like a young, girly makeup product, but when applied in the right color and for the right occasion, it’s very sophisticated. First, figure out if you should wear lip gloss or lipstick to your upcoming event, and if you’ve decided that lip gloss is the way to go, check out the guide below.


Lip gloss is thick and can mask your slightly chapped lips, but for a look that’s glossy and flawless, exfoliate your lips first to remove as much dead skin as possible.

There are a few different ways to slough the dead skin from your lips, but do not pick the skin off of your lips. This leads to a perpetual cycle of dry and damaged lips. Instead, you can purchase a gentle lip exfoliant, make a homemade version, or use a soft-bristled toothbrush to gently remove damaged skin.


While many lip exfoliants have moisturizing properties, nothing seals moisture in like a good chapstick. Moisturizing is also important after exfoliating because you’ve exposed a fresh layer of skin on your lips. This layer of skin is more sensitive, which means that it needs more care. Applying a lip moisturizer will protect it and help keep it healthy. A capstick can also help you lip gloss last longer.

Note: After you’ve exfoliated and moisturized your lips, we recommend that you finish applying the rest of your makeup before applying lip gloss. This will allow your skin to absorb the moisture for several minutes and prevent a goopy mixture of chapstick and lip gloss.

Apply Lip Gloss

Now that your lips are prepped, it’s time to apply your lip gloss. When choosing a lip gloss, make sure you purchase one from a natural cosmetic brand like Altfore. Instead of harsh chemicals that can dry out and damage your lips, our line of lip gloss is formulated with natural ingredients that help moisturize your lips and make them healthier.

By Itself

If you’re just applying lip gloss, use a wand or brush to apply a thin layer. 

Note: Don’t rub your lips together when you apply lip gloss. This will push the product to the edge of your lips in uneven globs. This is why applying only a thin layer is important — you don’t want so much gloss on your lips that you’re eating it, nor do you want to accidentally smear it all over your face.

Over a Lipstick

Using lipstick and lip gloss together is a fantastic makeup trick because it creates a unique color and texture with each new lipstick or lip gloss you choose. You can swipe a layer of gloss over the entirety of your lips once your lipstick has set or you can dab a little bit of gloss on the center of your upper and lower lip to give your lips more dimension.

Whether you’re using gloss or lipstick and gloss together, be sure to use a natural cosmetic brand like Altfore for lips that look and feel healthy.


While applying lip gloss is fairly straightforward, it can be intimidating to try using a different product like lipstick. Within a few applications though, you’ll be swiping on lipstick like a pro.

If you’re still looking for your perfect shade, check out Altfore’s natural cosmetic brand with unique and vibrant lipstick colors.


Just like when you’re applying lip gloss, it’s important to prep your lips by exfoliating them before applying any color. Lipstick formulas don’t fill in chapped lips the same way that lip gloss does either, so the smoother your lips are before applying lipstick, the better.


Another important step to remember for both lip gloss and lipstick application is moisturizing the fresh layer of skin on your lips. It’s especially important to apply a chapstick before lipstick because it will help the color spread more easily, and can also help the application last longer throughout the day.

Note: Just like when you’re prepping your lips for lip gloss, you’ll want to give your lips some time to absorb the moisture from the chapstick before applying your lipstick. This is a great time to finish the rest of your makeup look.

Create Your Lip Shape

One of the most difficult parts of the lipstick application process is creating a seamless lip shape. You can simplify this process by using a lip liner in the same color (or one shade lighter) to your lip line.

When lining your lips, you can overdraw your lip line on either your cupid’s bow or your bottom lip depending on the type of pout you’re going for. Only pick one lip to overdraw your lip line though, otherwise you run the risk of your lips looking swollen and clown-like rather than luscious and full.

Apply Lipstick

Now that you’ve created your lip shape, all that’s left is to fill in your lips with your lip color from your favorite natural cosmetic brand. Don’t forget to rub your lips together to help spread the product across your lips. Unlike lip gloss, lipstick spreads out more evenly as you work it into your pout. 

Remember that you also need to blot your lips with a facial tissue after application to remove any excess product and help your lipstick stay on longer.

Choose a Product You Love

Whether your look is perfected with lip gloss, lipstick, or both, our natural cosmetic brand has everything you need. Altfore offers a range of colors to help you create a unique look that’s trendsetter-worthy. Shop our entire selection today to find your perfect shades.