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The Ultimate Lip Care Guide


Because there is a myriad of factors that gift us with dry, cracked, and peeling lips!


Did you know that traditional, big brand beauty companies use drying agents in their products? Even in those that are supposed to hydrate and nourish our skin! So when we’re using them to try and help protect our skin, they may be making things worse! This is why natural cosmetics are so crucial to our beauty routine — they have supportive ingredients that benefit our skin — and they will also do what they’re advertised to do!

At AltFore, we have a line of lipsticks and lip glosses that are not only vegan-friendly but gluten- and cruelty-free. Explore all the ways to better care for your lips!


The Top Four Tips to Care For Your Lips


The cold weather can send chills right through our bones while the wind, in addition to the arid, warm temperatures indoors, can create the perfect conditions for peeling, cracked, and dry lips. The cold weather does a number to our lips and this skin is more vulnerable because it is more thin and delicate than the skin surrounding it. To better care for your lips in the winter, follow the tips below.


You can’t begin to treat and revitalize your lips without first sloughing the dead and dry skin. Exfoliate your lips as needed, which can be done once to twice per day in the harsh months of winter. There are a myriad of lip scrubs available, but you can do-it-yourself with an easy homemade scrub. Using a small amount of baking soda and combining it with a carrier oil to make a paste works well, or even adding sugar or salt to oil is one other way to quickly exfoliate your lips. Once the dead skin is removed not only will your lips feel and look better, they will be able to absorb moisturizing products more efficiently.

Moisturize Overnight

We’re often very diligent with our lip care during the day, only to forego it before we hop into bed. Be sure to apply a lip balm at night because it helps to soothe and heal your lips while you sleep. This is even more important to do if you sleep with your mouth open because the extra air is drying and damaging to lips. Say goodbye to dry and cracked morning lips!

Refrain From Licking and Biting Your Lips

When you lick, bite, or pick, this irritates and damages the tissue on your lips. Oftentimes, this is a result of habit or anxiety, but it isn’t doing them any favors. You may think that you’re aiding in the exfoliation of dead skin, but this may keep your lips from completely healing. Instead, try applying lip balm everytime you want to pick or bite your lips.


Lip balm is vital in the winter months to hydrate and protect your lips, but staying hydrated by drinking water will offer similar benefits. Keep your body, and in turn, your lips, hydrated by drinking water throughout the day. Another great way to keep your skin healthy is by consuming healthy fats. Fish oil, nuts, and seeds are all great foods to incorporate in your diet to really improve your skin’s hydration.

You don’t have to suffer from painful dry and cracked lips. Follow a couple easy and practical steps to keeps your smoochers healthy all year round!


To learn more about the natural lipsticks and lip glosses we carry, reach out to us today!