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The Top 4 Benefits to Using Natural Cosmetics


Because our skin is our largest organ and absorbs what we put on it — would you rather absorb a chemical-laden product or natural cosmetics made from ingredients you recognize?


The health and wellness space has been emerging with natural cosmetic lines because there is a demand for beauty products with recognizable ingredients that are both gluten-free and vegan. Just think about, you slather on them all over your body and dab them onto your eyes, lips, and cheeks, so it makes perfect sense to treat your skin the same externally as the healthy habits you do internally (eating healthy).

At AltFore, we are a natural cosmetics lip line that provides gluten- and cruelty-free products, in addition to and vegan-friendly products for people who want a better, higher-quality lipstick or lipgloss. Venture into an industry that has exploded and learn more about the benefits of using natural cosmetics.  


Why Use Natural Cosmetics?


Natural make up has come a long way — from the days of short-lasting color to now standing strong with major beauty brands — there are so many benefits to using them!

You’ll likely recognize the ingredients.

In conventional cosmetics, you have beauty products with “natural scents” and chemicals such as parabens, formaldehyde, and phthalates — all of which have been shown to impact your health. When you use safer and more natural cosmetics, you will be able to identify and recognize the ingredients. Natural cosmetics are abundant in vitamin E (tocopherol), calendula, and jojoba oil. These are all plant-based and offer the benefits of plants!

The products will smell great.

Many people love the smell of conventional cosmetics, but really, all you’re smelling are chemicals. If you ever walk into a department store are you ever overwhelmed by the perfume and start sneezing? This is in response to all the chemicals! If you’re sensitive to scents, natural cosmetics are a great option because not only will they smell great, the products used will be the actual plant. So instead of a “rose scent,” it will have rose water or a rose essential oil.

The ingredients are more sustainable.

Traditional cosmetics have ingredients that are procured in a lab by a scientist, which often means a great deal of unrenewable resources will be used in the process — from the packaging all the way to the transportation — traditional cosmetics are mass produced and waste a lot of energy in the process. When you work with a smaller beauty company that works with natural ingredients, oftentimes they’re more committed to sustainable and choose practices that are advantageous to the environment. Look for recycled packaging and the process in which the plants were grown and harvested.

Your skin may look and feel better.

Drying agents are used in conventional cosmetics — even those that are supposed to moisturize! Think lotions, lip balms, and hair conditioners. If you’re looking for a product that will actually do what you need, look for products that are sulfate-free and avoid those with alcohol in the top three listed ingredients.

When you make the switch to natural cosmetics, there are so many benefits that better impact your health and the planet!


To learn more about our natural lipstick and lip gloss, connect with us today!