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How to Fix a Melted Lipstick

The cold winter months are almost over and the heat of spring and summer are just around the corner — yay! While this is always a very exciting time of spending time out in the sun, breathing in that warm fresh air, going to the beach, and driving with the windows down, it also means that we have to keep an eye on the makeup in our purses. It can often go overlooked, and it happens to the best of us — so we hope today’s blog on how to fix a melted lipstick will help when you go digging through your purse in early June and discover that your favorite AltForé lipstick has liquefied in its tube.

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There are a few ways to go about fixing a melted lipstick, but the first thing you will want to do regardless of your method of reconstruction is to place your lipstick in the freezer. This will help to solidify it and allow you to handle the damage better. Once you have had your lipstick in there for a few hours, open the cap and see how well it has held its shape. If it hasn’t melted entirely and hasn’t completely lost its shape, then you can continue to use it as is. However, if you notice that the lipstick is everywhere when you open the cap, it is time to re-pot it.

Start by finding a small, clean lip balm container. This will be your lipstick’s new home. Then, you will want to try and scoop out as much lipstick as you can by using a small stick, such as a toothpick. Put the lipstick into a small microwaveable dish and heat it up for a few seconds. Once it has melted again, transfer it to the lip balm container and use a clean spoon to gently pat the lipstick down in order to give it a smooth surface. Last but not least, place the container in the fridge and let it cool down for a good two to three hours. This will help the lipstick to settle into place.

Voilà! Now your lipstick is good as new, with the only difference being that now you will have to use a small brush to apply it rather than using it straight from the stick. We hope that instead of having to throw away your favorite lipstick, you throw it in the freezer and wear it all spring and summer long. If you are looking for a new shade for spring, try out our Glimmer Lush or Ripe Lovely vegan and gluten-free lipsticks from our natural cosmetic brand — AltForé. We also offer a chic lip gloss line with perfect summery shades like Clearly Lovely and Rosy Star. As always, don’t hesitate to reach out with any further questions regarding our natural cosmetic brand and products!