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Best Lip Shades For Summer

Happy summer, lovelies! With warm and sunny days ahead of us for the next few months, we don’t blame you for wanting to switch up your beauty routine to cope with the heat. Along with a tinted SPF moisturizer, you may be wondering what colors will amplify your summer style. Luckily, lip gloss and lipstick offer a quick and easy way to add a little bit of color to keep you looking (and feeling) cool.

AltForé is a natural cosmetic brand that offers a variety of lip gloss and lipstick colors that you can wear and love during every season. Check out our favorites here for days by the pool and strolls through the park.

Beach Babe

Who says darker colors are just for winter? Desert Dusk is a gorgeous lip gloss shade to wear when you’re looking to complement your fun, summer colors with a naturally dark mauve. 

This is the perfect shade when you’re out in your bathing suit working on your tan. Whether it’s your first day out in the sunshine or your 50th, Desert Dusk is a subtle color that accentuates the look of any beach babe.


For long-lasting wear on muggy days, opt for a peachy pink that will stay looking fabulous even if you feel like your face is melting. Glimmer Lush is a sweet pink lipstick that wears well during a lunch meeting on the patio or at a peach festival with your boo. 

You might be thinking, “Ew, isn’t lipstick too heavy for summer?” 

Au contraire, mon cheri! As a natural cosmetic brand, AltForé offers lipsticks that don’t use any heavy metals or chemicals, making them light and lovely for your days in the sun.

Nights Under The Stars

One of the best things about summer is the warm nights you can spend looking up at the stars. Give those fiery celestial bodies a run for their money with Rosy Star lip gloss. This nude gloss is perfect for those balmy nights out on the town when you want to look effortlessly beautiful.

Pair this color with some salt spray in your hair and you’ll look like you came straight from the beach to the bar.

Boardroom Blossom

Thanks to more hours of sunlight, you don’t feel like you’re working your life away in the office. Celebrate this feeling of revitalization with a rich red lipstick. Ripe Lovely is perfect for showing your colleagues that winter didn’t get the best of you and that you’re ready to crush your to-do list in style.

It’s summer after all, so you know that opportunities to advance are ripe for the picking.

Gentle & Hydrating

No matter what your go-to color is this summer, trust a natural cosmetic brand to use ingredients that are good for your skin. AltForé only offers lip glosses and lipsticks that hydrate your skin and have long-lasting wear. 

Keep your lips moisturized and looking perfect all day long with our entire collection of lip gloss and lipstick. Don’t forget to learn more about us and why our natural cosmetic brand is working to make the world a better place with our beauty products.